Household Moving

Budget Moving is licensed in the province of Manitoba to handle all your local moving needs. We understand that time is of the essence. Our prompt and efficient service will get you moved around the corner or across the province. Budget Moving will pack your household goods, load, deliver and even unpack for you. For those who have the time and wish to save some money, Budget Moving will drop off moving boxes so that you may do your own packing.

Local moving service is based on an hourly rate for men and a truck. We have a standard 1-hour travel time charge, which pays for the gentlemen from our office to your residence, and then back again, this rate is standard for an insured moving company. Moving time is pro-rated; therefore if you use 15 minutes in a new hour you will only be charged for 15 minutes. Some companies may require you to pay for an entire hour whether you use it or not. If you are located or will be locating outside of any city but within a150 km province you would pay the additional travel time from the perimeter of the city plus $1.00 per kilometer. There is a $20.00 fuel charge with the city.

Budget Moving is here for all your moving needs.